Volunteers: A Captive Audience

The Nonprofit Collective

Think differently

I work with many nonprofits that struggle with developing a strong and sustaining organization due to lack of resources.  We just don’t have the budget for it, is a very common phrase in the nonprofit world.

An untapped resource is the volunteer pool.  Let’s do some out of the box thinking and approach this group of well meaning, hard-working individuals as potential leaders, evangelists, donors, creators, coaches, consultants, web-designers, coordinators, social media experts, etc.

Here are three ideas on how to maximize your volunteer base.

  • Spread the word.  This phrase takes on new meaning as social media becomes a primary vehicle for communication, regardless of age, gender and location.  Ask your volunteers to talk about the organization on their social media pages, to encourage their friends to LIKE your business page, CHECK-IN every time they are on site, etc.
  • Ask for feedback.  Your organization has a…

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