Daily Post Writing Challenge

Futures Past  


As a kid I wanted to be a ballerina, a farmer, an artist, a writer, a therapist, a veterinarian.  I wanted to run the office for “Dallas” – I just knew I was ready for the jet-setting life of oil.  I wanted to live in New York City, imagined myself lounging about being “adult” in some amazing loft.

Mostly, I just wanted to not be where I was so I took to my imagination.  A trait or should I be more accurate and say a defense-mechanism I employ to this day.  Now, while I continue on this most-of-the-time rewarding journey of a twenty-year career in fund development and philanthropy, I dream of working at Home Depot.  I really love their orange vests.

I realize that I now know more of what I don’t want to be than I know about what I want to be.  And from this mid-life perspective, I’m OK with that.




In between


There you are front and center

Staring at me from the screen

I’m alone – no socialite

Oh and yeah, and it is Friday night


Looks like you’re having fun

New girls on your arms

Where’s your wife, center of your life?

It’s all part of the gig, man


There you are on the side

You can’t see me from where I stand

Is there a line in between

The show and what you really mean?


Sometimes things are not

What they seem

But the feelings hold their meaning

All the same