Climate Control



I live in Wisconsin where we blame everything on the weather.  We talk incessantly about the weather.

Today, last of May – is absolutely beautiful.  This is not the norm and when a few days stretch together of “non-normal” weather….we are collectively let down when it’s cruddy yet again.  We are almost surprised every time.

Why do I live here? 

I ask myself this question basically every day from November through April, and scattered days in between.

A highlight of the polar vortex that gripped our region was throwing boiling water into the subzero freakish air to see it turn into nothing more than a puff of smoke.  Later the local news reported several incidences of people being treated for burn wounds following botched experiments.

Blame it on stupidity?  No, blame it on the weather.

My personal life plan includes getting out of Wisconsin to a place much closer if not on top of the equator.  It’s just better that way.

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