Find your donors and woo them

The Nonprofit Collective


Developing a relationship with a donor is one of the most challenging and time consuming tasks for any nonprofit group, regardless of size, mission or budget.  It’s not to say that it’s not critical because everyone knows that it is.  The challenge is that your nonprofit is probably not the only nonprofit courting the individual giver, corporation, foundation, and affinity group.

Where do you dedicate the biggest chunk of your time when your organization is already running rail thin in the areas of budget, staff and resources?  Year after year individual giving is responsible for the biggest dollars at nonprofits.   A dollar here, a text donation there really adds up, as high as abut 75% of overall financial contributions to nonprofits.

It’s important to spend a little time going through your donor database and determine who are the givers – passive and active – and begin reinforcing those relationships…

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