Month: March 2014

Age spots


Daily Prompt:  Young At Heart, March 22, 2014

I have old hands.  I only recently noticed and now obsess over the loose, wrinkled skin, knobby knuckles and multiplying age spots.  “Who took my hands and left me with these?”,  I wonder as I drown my worries in creams and balms.

Age has a way of sneaking up on us.  One day you’re twenty-five, firm and spot free.  The next thing you know, you’re in someone else’s “old” skin.  So in lies the challenge: how do we age with grace?

Yeah, yeah – exercise, drink more water, get lots of rest, moisturize and wear sunscreen, work hard but don’t over work.  That’s all great and I’m personally doing all of those things, but I still have old hands.  These hands aren’t going anywhere and I certainly do not have the means for some high-tech laser treatments.  So, I better learn to like them and honor their history.

They’ve done some great stuff.  They colored and painted, fished and harvested, they’ve held my son.  They’ve worked and cleaned, cooked and built things.  They’ve let go of young love and held another in vows of marriage.  They’ve written provocative words – compelling at times, and they’ve written complete crap.

My old hands are certain to do more things.  And, they will always be my hands.  They’ll shape my future, express emotion and help me feel my way through the rest of my life with the knowledge only gained with wrinkles and age spots.




Directions are not included on what it takes to satisfy a modern woman in a modern world.  If there were instructions, I am quite certain they would be printed in a forgotten text.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


Thanks to Sheryl Sandberg, this question has been raised in our collective minds. You don’t need to be a woman or frustrated in your work life to ask this big question.  But, what does it take to answer the question of the moment?

Is it a circumstance or a deep longing from within? Does the straw finally break the camel’s back, or is it simple necessity that brings us to the point that we can honestly answer…What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

For me, it has been a little bit of all of those things.  I know what I would do if I weren’t afraid and I’m going to do it.  Building upon my professional savvy and experience I am going to set up shop and work for myself. I’m still afraid but who isn’t!

With that, I’d like to introduce you to my business:  Plan-It Janet.  

I invite you to peruse my blog site to learn more about my professional expertise and various development services offered.  My blog site will cover current topics and how they relate to the nonprofit world – organizations, fund raisers, supporters, volunteers. I look forward to learning, growing, and sharing – and most importantly helping organizations and causes reach their fullest potential.

So, that wasn’t so scary!

Volunteers: A Captive Audience

The Nonprofit Collective

Think differently

I work with many nonprofits that struggle with developing a strong and sustaining organization due to lack of resources.  We just don’t have the budget for it, is a very common phrase in the nonprofit world.

An untapped resource is the volunteer pool.  Let’s do some out of the box thinking and approach this group of well meaning, hard-working individuals as potential leaders, evangelists, donors, creators, coaches, consultants, web-designers, coordinators, social media experts, etc.

Here are three ideas on how to maximize your volunteer base.

  • Spread the word.  This phrase takes on new meaning as social media becomes a primary vehicle for communication, regardless of age, gender and location.  Ask your volunteers to talk about the organization on their social media pages, to encourage their friends to LIKE your business page, CHECK-IN every time they are on site, etc.
  • Ask for feedback.  Your organization has a…

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